The Value – Issue #12: Canadian Black Book Moves To a New Space in a Green Way

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Welcome to Canadian Black Book’s – The Value. Our goal is to provide our clients and partners with news, event updates, new initiatives and opinions from Canada’s trusted source for vehicle values and automotive insights. In this edition we cover:


Hosts Open House for Over 150 Auto Industry Execs To Celebrate New Office Opening

At the end of September, Canadian Black Book moved office locations from its longtime residence on Woodbine Ave in Markham, to its new home just off Warden Ave, in the same GTA town.  On Wednesday the company hosted a grand opening and Holiday party at the new space, which saw over 150 partners, clients, associates, friends and family to help usher in this new chapter for Canadian Black Book.

“The turnout was amazing.  It really is nice to know we have so many friends in our industry and it was our pleasure to host so many to enjoy some great food and drink, while enjoying a very relaxed social atmosphere,” says Brad Rome, President, Canadian Black Book.

Canadian Black Book chose to partner with Green Standards on their office move projects to

employ resale, recycling, and charitable donation to ensure the amount of equipment and furniture that ends up as waste is minimized and the benefit to the community is maximized.

“Our new space is awesome.  But what is more satisfying is that we know that what we left behind will not negatively impact the environment,” says Rome.  “We are proud to have generated significant charitable donation and the fact that we did not put any of the assets from the old office into landfill.”

Annually over 10 million tons of these types of assets end up in landfill.  In fact, working with Green Standards, in total 11 tons of waste (100%) was diverted from landfill.  Also, $4,625 of in-kind charitable donations was made from the usable assets in the old office.  The donations benefit Raising the Roof, Janes Alliance Neighbourhood Services, Autism Speaks Canada and Peel District School Board.

The new space is designed and built to accommodate the growing team and allow for a larger board room, smaller meeting spaces, spacious common areas and even a room for employees to get away and spend some time alone to think, or make private phone calls.  In totality, the new office is much roomier, more open, and far more modern.  With height adjustable desks, all Canadian Black Book team members have the option to sit or stand, while they work.

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