The Value – Issue #10: New Dealer Tool Helps Bridge Gap Between Sales and Service

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Vin-UP Launch in Canada Provides Acquisition Tool in the Service Bay

Mobility Sales Solutions has partnered with Canadian Black Book to power its Vin-UP offering.  The ‘in-lane’ service customer vehicle upgrade program has now launched in Canada.

The tool works through a physical handheld scanner which vin-scans vehicles while in service and outputs a coupon with a buy-back value, in combination with OEM and dealer incentives.  Canadian Black Book is the exclusive provider of valuation data to power the system as well as the sale arm for Canada.  Vin-UP is a lead generation and vehicle acquisition tool used in service departments to help feed the sales pipeline.

“Fewer and fewer customers enter the dealership from the front door today.  Vin-UP provides a very positive way to generate qualified leads from those customers entering from the service entrance,” says Bruno Lucarelli, President, Mobility Sales Solutions LLC.  “The approach is less intrusive, whereby the service lane specialist or used car manager offers to buy a customer’s car versus a sales rep trying to sell them a car,” he adds.

The theory being that, offering to purchase a client’s vehicle first is a soft sell strategy that can be easier for some to digest compared to hard selling showroom floor sales tactics.  Transitioning customers from the service bay to the sales floor is a method to retain existing clients so not to lose them to other competing dealerships.

“Canadian Black Book has come a long way from our days selling little black books to dealers.  Today we are continuously looking for innovative ways to help dealer sell more cars using our data.  This is certainly a good example of that,” says Brad Rome, President, Canadian Black Book.

Dealers would choose the vehicle model year(s) that they want to target for buy-back.  Service centers would scan all vehicles, which builds CRM data that can be easily integrated into DMS systems.  Qualified vehicle owners receive an instantly generated offer at which point they could be transitioned to sales.  If clients are not ready to sell/buy, the scan will be kept in the dealership database for future marketing and sales efforts.

As part of the Canadian launch, Vin-UP was piloted over the past 2 months, at BMW Canbec in Montreal, part of the AutoCanada Dealer Group.  “We are forever looking for ways to produce new quality leads and Vin-UP has opened our eyes to a new friendly approach to generating leads from our own service area,” says Martin Taillandier, General Manager, BMW Canbec.   “We will certainly be moving forward to deploy this tool on a full-time ongoing basis.”

The service is based on either a monthly subscription fee for the Vin-UP unit, with the dealership following up leads using its own BDC or the program offers lead follow-up services, provided by Suivitel, which only charges a fee per scheduled appointment.


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